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Zuni Necklace by Debbie Aldrich


96. Opal, Silver, Glass with inlayed Zuni Pendant, Silver, Turq., Onyx, Coral, Oyster Shell

$300.00 Read more

Yew Wood Tear Drops with Sterling Silver Shepherd Hooks by Solomon Woodworks


Yew Wood Tear Drops with Sterling Silver Shepherd Hooks Measuring 4.25cm x 2.5cm

$115.00 Read more

Yellow Sapphire by Alvin Eugene


Jade hand carved, 22k gold eyes

$4,130.00 Add to cart

Working Basket by Mary Jackson

Measuring 9″ x 4″ x 5.5″

Please call us for pricing

Wolf Pendant by Alvin Eugene


Pendant carved from Jade 2″ with silver/gold details with orange saphires in eyes and Apache Turquoise, Wolf Spirit Totem is created by Alvin Eugene of the Metis trib

$3,400.00 Add to cart



“Wolf Paddle” in Red Cedar, with acrylic paint. Hand carved by artist Ross Henderson. Measuring 5 feet high.

$850.00 Add to cart

Wolf Bracelet by William Cook


Wolf Bracelet by William Cook hand carved from Sterling Silver measuring 1/2″

$300.00 Read more

Wolf Belt Buckle by Terrence Campbell


Belt Buckle Wolf design. Sterling Silver and Turquoise by Tahltan Artist Terrence Campbell measuring 3″ x 2″

$1,800.00 Add to cart

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