Discount policy

Every business must earn a fair profit to continue in business. The Black Tusk Gallery was established in Whistler in 1998. We intend to be in existence for the foreseeable future to provide ongoing service to our clients. We do not expect our clients to do business with a company that is here today and gone tomorrow . . . we know continuity counts.

The owners chose between two business models for operating an art gallery:

  • Inflate prices and offer discounts.
  • Set fair prices and do not offer discounts.

The Black Tusk Gallery business plan is based on the second method. Why?

Native artists do not place their art on consignment as is true with many other galleries. Thus, the Black Tusk Gallery owns the pieces that it offers. Selling prices are established in cooperation with the artists who insist on a “standard industry markup”.

The gallery owner prefers not to discriminate and thus out of fairness to all customers, offers a one price shopping experience. Prices are not hidden, but posted in the gallery and on the web site.

How does Black Tusk know its prices are fair? We comparative shop online and at other establishments. We regularly visit galleries in the United States and find that their prices in US dollars are comparable with ours in Canadian dollars. Thus, there is a built in 33% discount for foreign customers based on the favourable exchange rate.

Native art exported from Canada is not subject to the 5% GST and 7% PST Canadian taxes, a 12% savings. Native art is duty free when imported into the US.

The Black Tusk Gallery offers quality collectable artwork that will increase in value over the years. We personally know all our artists. We only offer native art made by members of tribes indigenous to the Northwest. We do not offer counterfeit “works of art.” We are not a trading post offering souvenirs. We have worked hard to gain an excellent reputation with the artists we represent and we continue to work hard to maintain it.

Due to limited availability and high demand, prices are subject to change, and some pieces may not be available. We work to ensure that our website reflects the movement of artwork through the gallery, though this is not always possible. We thank you for your understanding.

We hope your experience in buying from the Black Tusk Gallery will be enjoyable and worthwhile.