Ira Etzerza

Ira Etzerza jr. was born to Ira & Lillian Etzerza from Telegraph Creek BC, from the Tahltan Nation.


Ira first got interested in art by watching his uncle Les Nelson from Kincome Inlet BC, from the Kwak waka”waka speaking people.


At the age of 20 Ira started formal training in 1985 in Campbell River BC in a course being taught by master carver Simon Dick.


Ira studies all the old pieces and learns all the stories that accompany each mask. He lived in Alert Bay BC for ten years were he worked under carvers Bruce Alfred, Wayne Alfred and Don Svanvic.


Ira has carved many pieces for potlatchs, worked on totem poles and a canoe carved by the late Doug Cramer, a master carver.


Ira hopes to someday pass on his knowledge of art to his son.