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Killer Whale Bracelet by Sheldon Williams


Killer Whale 1″ Bracelet hand carved in sterling silver by Sheldon Williams.

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Salish Vision by Susan Point


“Salish Vision” Framed by Coast Salish artist Susan Point

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“Chief of the Ghosts” by Beau Dick


Chief of the Ghosts Bookwis Mask 1990 Birch with Cow and human hair with Yellow Cedar Skull Rattles 13″ x 13″

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Salmon Earrings by Alano Edzerza


Sterling silver measuring about 0.9 inches diameter

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Loon Ring #2 by Joe Descoteaux


Sterling Silver 0.25″

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Small Handwoven Basket by Tali Granbois


Small Square Shaped, Hand-woven basket. Made from Cedar Bark by Mt Currie Artist Tali Granbois. Measuring 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″.

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Eagle and Killerwhale Bracelet by Sheldon Williams


Eagle and Killer Whale 5/8″ Bracelet hand carved in sterling silver by Sheldon Williams.

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Canada Goose by Ben Houstie


Original acryllic artwork on paper. 11″ x 15″ c.2016

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Eagle, Raven & Humming Bird Bracelet by Sheldon Williams


Eagle, Raven & Humming Bird bracelet by Sheldon Williams hand carved from Sterling Silver measuring 5/8″ c2016

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