Trevor Angus

Blue Heron Panel by Trevor Angus


Blue Heron Panel by Native Artist Trevor Angus, measuring 36″ in diameter made from Yellow Cedar and Acrylic Paint.
Circa 2016

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Raven Paddle by Trevor Angus


Raven paddle, made from yellow cedar, hand carved and painted. By native artist Trevor Angus.

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GRIZZLY BEAR Panel by Trevor Angus


Red cedar Measure 22.25″ x 10.75″

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After High School, I was accepted to the Kitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Indian art at Ksan in Hazelton where my instructors were Master Carvers Vernon Stephens and Ken Mowatt. I completed the four year program in 1998 learning to design and carve plaques, ladles, panels, masks, rattles, paddles, and steam bent boxes.

I am on a continuous journey of learning right to date. I am presently doing an apprenticeship under Phillip Janze for engraving gold and silver jewelery.

I have been very fortunate with having great teachers within reach throughout all of the years that I have been carving. I have had the opportunities as well to watch and learn from Master carvers like Earl Muldon and the late Walter Harris. I continue to meet and learn from different artists as well as my teachers from Ksan to this day. It is a long journey to becoming a Master Carver myself; a goal that I have held since I picked up my first set of tools.

~ Tka’ast (Trevor Angus) ~