Stephen Bruce

Frog Mask by Stephen Bruce


Frog Mask by Kwak waka’wakw Artist Stephen Bruce. Made from Alder & cedar bark.

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Stephen Bruce was born in 1968, in Alert Bay, British Columbia, Canada, a small fishing village located along the Northeastern coast of Vancouver Island. He is a member of the Namgis group of the Kwakwaka’wakw nation. Stephen began to carve wood in 1986, at the age of 18, with local prominent artists such as Ned Matilpi, Beau Dick and Wayne Alfred. Their traditional styles and advanced workmanship established a level of quality in Stephen’s work from the start.

Stephen Bruce is now an accomplished young Namgis artist creating traditional Kwakwaka’wakw artwork. Stephen’s masks, talking sticks, bowls and totem poles are executed with a precise and skilful hand. Evidence of this can be seen in his continued commissions for large monumental works. Stephen has assisted numerous artists with monumental commissions, earning him a reputation for monumental work, as well as the understanding and ability to answer to contractual obligations.

In 1995 Stephen was commissioned to carve a totem pole as a territorial marker for the Namgis First Nation cemetery boundary. His works are on display in museums, galleries, and private collections throughout the world. His most recent accomplishment was a completed commission for the Vancouver International Airport.