Crooked Beak of Heaven by Stan Hunt III


Crooked Beak Hamatsa Mask by Stan Hunt III, a Kwak waka’wakw artist. Made from Red Cedar & Bark Measuring 32″h X 18″w X 62″L. C. 2007 (CAH)

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Stan grew up in Kingcome Inlet, where as a young boy, he would watch his grandfather, Charlie Willie, carve various masks and utilitarian objects for use in many potlatches. His grandfather not only served as an inspiration but also educated him on the many aspects of his roots through stories and legends owned by their family. As a little boy, Charlie encouraged Stan to draw on various mediums including rocks and walls. He later progressed to red and yellow cedar wood. Stan is passed on the carving tradition to his son, Willis Charles Henry Hunt.

In recent years, Stan Hunt III focused on producing interpretations of the old Hamatsa Raven masks. His multiple masks, done in the style of Willie Seaweed, became his signature works. He depicted the traditional aspects of the mythical beings revolving around the Hamatsa series of masks. His attention to detail and overall refinement set him apart among other artists.

An accomplished artist, Stan’s miniature and full size Hamatsa masks can be found in many collections worldwide.