Maynard Johnny Jnr

Tribal Affiliation: Coast Salish 

Maynard Johnny Jr. was born in Campbell River, British Columbia, in 1973.  His tribal affiliations are Coast Salish through the Penelakut Band at Kuper Island, British Columbia., and Kwak waka ’wakw. His mother is from Cape Mudge on Quadra Island and his father is from Kuper Island.

Maynard is a self-taught artist who has been studying and working on his art since his teens. He is inspired by Robert Davidson, Art Thompson, Richard Hunt and Mark Henderson.

Although the body of Maynard’s work is in graphic form, he is also creating and designing jewellery in precious metals. Throughout his career woodwork has also drawn him. Maynard hopes to continue sharing his culture, through all of these mediums, in the near future.