Henry Green

Copper Eagle Pendant by Henry Green


Pendant copper shield design “Eagle”, 2″ x 1,5″, made from copper by native artist Henry Green

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Henry Green was born and raised in Port Simpson, on the coast of British Columbia in a family and community rich in tradition. Henry’s earliest training was with his father who introduced him to the trading language of Chinook. Green credits Freida Deising and Don Yeomans in particular for stimulating his interest in carving and George Clutesi for developing his appreciation for story telling.

Henry Green has pursued formal art training at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia (1986-87) and the Institute of San Miguel D’Allende in Mexico (1984-83).

As well as an exceptional designer, Henry Green is a highly accomplished engraver and carver. Henry is strongly committed to native education and land claim initiatives. His work is in private and corporate collections throughout North America.

Major Works and Public Collections

Henry Green has developed a multi use native art programmed, offering instruction in basic design, toolmaking, wood carving and silver engraving.

Henry Green assisted in the creation of “Glwa”, a 45′ canoe for the Expo 1986 exhibition. Following this, a 27′ canoe was undertaken as a personal project. Henry participated in a Tsimshian longhouse project coordinated by the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia for the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Quebec.