Francis Horne

Eagle, Killer Whale, Grizzly Bear Totem by Francis Horne


Eagle, Killer Whale & Grizzly Bear Totem Pole measuring 10′ hand carved by Coast Salish Artist Francis Horne

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White Raven Mask by Francis Horne


White Raven Mask. By Coast Salish artist Francis Horne. Made from Red Cedar, and Horse hair. Measuring 21″L X 7.5″W X 9″H (with hair is 3’H). C.2011

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Eagle, Mother, Bear Totem by Francis Horne

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Thunderbird Panel by Francis Horne


Thunderbird Panel Hand-carved by Coast Salish artist Francis Horne Measuring 59” in diameter Red cedar and Arcylic paint.

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Tsonoqua by Francis Horne


Tsonoqua Wild Woman mask by Coast Salish Artist Francis Horne hand carved from Red Cedar with Horse Hair.

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The tradition of the Coast Salish culture nourished the creativity of Francis Horne. It was here that he first experienced the songs and dances of his people and grew to appreciate the beauty and subtlety of his Native heritage. Francis is a self-taught artist who gained his knowledge and mastery of carving and design through study and admiration of the work of respected artists such as Mungo Martin, Bill Reid and Simon Charlie.


Every carving and graphic produced by his hand is a unique creation that reflects his Native tradition and love of nature. The contemporary approach used by Francis allows him the freedom to merge traditional style with his own vision. As well as being a father of five children, Francis shares his skills and knowledge with interested young carvers and produces his art full-time.


Francis has become an internationally acclaimed artist with pieces in private and corporate collections around the world. He completed a major carving for the Canadian Commission in Singapore; a pole for the Stanley Park Children’s Zoo in Vancouver; and the city of Duncan, BC is home to five poles created by Francis Horne. One of these is an entrance pole, one of the very few raised in many years. Francis also has work in collections in Japan, Germany, Switzerland as well as many pieces installed in various cities in Canada and the United States.