Elizabeth Harris

Guardian Bear by Elizabeth Harris


“The Guardian” Bear made from recycled clay finished in the process of Raku.  Measuring 19″ x 12″ x 8″ c.2015

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Polar Bear by Elizabeth Harris


“Polar Bear” 10 x 6 Recycled Clay Raku  White Crackle, By local artist Elizabeth Harris

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Polar Bear by Elizabeth Harris


Large Polar Bear 23″ x 10″ x 8″ ear made from recycled clay finished in the process of Raku.

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Chum Salmon by Elizabeth Harris


Chum Salmon – made from recycled clay by local artist Elizabeth Harris

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Orange Speckled Pawm Bear by Elizabeth Harris


Pawm Bears are created by Elizabeth Harris in ceramic and are finished by different glazing and burning techniques. Each bear is one of a kind.

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Elizabeth Harris’s upbringing on a cattle ranch, north of Fort St John BC results in the exploration of environmentalism and existentialism. Harris’ work includes paintings, ceramics as functional and sculptural and multi­ media installations . Harris’ education includes the University of Emily Carr Art and Design, and has worked as an independent arts instructor, mentor, and facilitator of studios and societies. She has exhibited extensively at public and private galleries as an invitational and represented artist.

The  Process of Raku

The Aurora Bearalis is a series of ceramic bears that are finished in the process of Raku.

Raku is derived from an ancient Japanese method of ceramic firing, the effects can range from stunning metallic to subtle earth colours. The unique patterns and finish comes from the oxidization of the burning materials and interplay of flames, smoke and rapid cooling.

Anagama  describes  single-chamber  kilns built in a sloping tunnel shape. Ancient  kilns were  sometimes  built by digging tunnels into banks of clay.

The Anagama is fueled with a continuous supply of firewood .Stoking occurs round the clock for several days until temperatures are reached and sustained, and the effects desired obtained. The complex interaction between flame, ash, and the minerals of the clay body forms  a  natural ash glaze that  show  great  variation  in color,  texture,  and  thickness,  ranging  from  smooth  and glossy  to  rough  and sharp.

Moss is a cone 06 electric oxidation glaze with a wide variety of effects and diversity.

Salt Fire High fire gas firing process, salt is blasted into the kiln at the end of the cycle to produce a variation of colour and textures.