Debbie Aldrich

Necklace with Hand Carved Otter Pendant by Debbie Aldrich


Necklace #9 Necklace made of shell heishi with carved river otter pendant, 23 inches or 58.5 cm.

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Turquoise & Welk Necklace by Debbie Aldrich


Necklace #134 Arizona Turquoise and welk shell by Debbie Aldrich

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Stone Bear Fetish Earrings with mother of Pearl by Debbie Aldrich


Small Bear Earrings created with a mix of stone, beads and pearls. Varying designs available.

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Shell, Pearl & Crystal Bracelet by Debbie Aldrich


Bracelet- #61, Shell, Pearl & crystal. Measures 8.5″
By Debbie Aldrich.

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Blue Pow-Wow Necklace by Debbie Aldrich


Necklace 210. Blue trade bead fetish necklace. Made of Antique trade beads, silver beads and various stone fetishes. By Debbie Aldrich. 30″ in length.

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Necklace with Turquoise & Dyed Coral by Debbie Aldrich


Long Necklace #214. Turquoise, & dyed coral. By Debbie Aldrich.
37″ Long.

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Czech Crystal & Glass Necklace by Debbie Aldrich


Necklace #159. Czech Crystal, and Glass. By Debbie Aldrich.
20″ Long. C.2012

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Sleeping Beauty Necklace by Debbie Aldrich


Necklace #143. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, with opal. By Debbie Aldrich.
21″ Long. C.2011 (

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Mother of Pearl Pearls and Czech crystal Bracelet by Debbie Aldrich


Mother of Pearl, Pearls, and Czech crystal Bracelet.  By Debbie Aldrich. #59

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Necklace with Turquoise & Semi Precious Stones by Debbie Aldrich


Necklace #3 Necklace with turquoise, amber and semi-precious stones. 26.5 inches or 67 cm

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Amber & Turquoise Necklace by Debbie Aldrich


#907 Amber and Turquoise  Necklace, by Debbie Aldrich. 2008. Measuring 24″

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Debbie Aldrich studied costume and fashion design before graduating and working in the fashion industry in the Washington D.C. area. Debbie’s natural native art was influenced by her grandfather, who was a Native American and taught her how to make cricket cages when she was just a little girl. Since moving to Washington State, Debbie has worked with local tribes to show their art, including the Salish Tribe’s Skagit Centennial dedication of the “Maiden of Deception Pass” and the Swinnomish Spiritual Tribal Encampment and Dedication of the “Smoke House” traditions

Debbie’s jewellery features turquoise, semiprecious beads, crystal, handmade glass, trade beads, carved bone and antique pieces. In the tradition of native jewellery making and trading, Debbie travels all over the West Coast and the Southwest to collect pieces from the tribes to add to her work. Each hand made piece is one-of-a-kind.