Clarence Mills

Split Killer Whale Ring by Clarence Mills


Sterling silver 0.38″

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Split Killerwhale Ring by Clarence Mills


Sterling silver 0.38″

Ring Size 10

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Haida Name: Gah-ghin-skuss (Out of your own land)

Member of the Eagle Clan, Skidegate Crest: Split Raven, Grizzly Bear

In British Columbia, on Canada’s Northwest Coast we have a native culture with a history comparable to the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the pillars of Rome and temples of the Far East, with artists of equal talent. The voices of the culture still remain today in the art. Art is its survival.

The powerful silence of the native art speaks a worthy breath, sparked with the right energy to carry it around the world, it will bring a much larger awareness of its people and culture.

One such artist, Clarence Mills, has over the past twenty years established markets in Canada, United States and Europe. The artwork created in the tradition of his people. The Haida family crests being the ideas incorporated into the carvings in argillite, ivory, red and yellow cedar boxes, bowls, doors, plaques, limited edition silkscreen prints, engraved silver and gold jewelry and, most recently, monumental size totem poles for international events.