Byron Bird

I was born in 1968 in Saskatchewan, to parents of Cree descent. I learned to carve under my maternal Uncle Donald Bird and good friend Dale Alexander. I have been carving for twelve years and creating artwork my whole life, since I was a young child. I have traveled to various parts of Western Canada which has influenced my diverse styles of art creation, which include painting, beadwork, drum making, sculpting both in wood, clay and stone,  “I like using different mediums because I cannot express what I mean in only one medium. I utilize my experiences and culture and bind them in my art. Many times I use dreams and nightmares in my artwork, (nightmares) that stem from a bear attack as a teen.”

Artist Statement:

Although I have worked in various different mediums I find that stone is my favourite. In order for me to sculpt a piece, I have to find the right shape of stone, and have the right feeling. What I mean about feeling is that if I cannot see the piece in the stone then it cannot be freed. Once I have found the right stone I begin the process of freeing the piece. I then sand it four times with various sanding grits. When I have the look I am going for I apply the wax coating. I will then buff it and it is ready.

Peace and All My Relations.